Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2009
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Agriculture and Rural Development Day is hosted by
Consultative Group on International agricultural Research (CGIAR)  CGIAR logo
CGIAR Challenge Program on Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)  CCAFS logo
Global Donor Platform for Rural Development  Donor Platform logo
University of Copenhagen (KU)  KU logo
With the support of
Danish International Development Agency  DANIDA logo
The European Union  European Union logo
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)  IFAD logo
Organised by
Alliance of the CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research) Centers  Alliance of the CGIAR logo
Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP)  ESSP logo
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)  FAO logo
Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)  GFAR logo
International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP)  IFAP logo
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Event Information

About this event

A one-day event that focused on the following key areas

  • the role of agriculture and farmers, both women and men, in adaptation and mitigation strategies
  • future scenarios for agriculture, rural development and food security
  • climate change as a development issue
  • innovations in the agricultural sector of relevance to the climate change agenda

Download the comprehensive Event Guide (5.4MB PDF)

Event venue

Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE)
University of Copenhagen
Thorvaldsensvej 40, DK-1871
Frederiksberg C, DENMARK

Date / time

Saturday 12 December 2009
08.00 – 18.00


Why are we holding this event?

The global community will come together

  • to build a consensus on what has to be done to fully incorporate agriculture into the post-Copenhagen climate agenda
  • discuss a clear workplan of strategies and actions needed to address climate change adaptation and mitigation in the agriculture sector


More than 350 participants attended Agriculture Day, representing policy makers and negotiators, rural development practitioners, producers, civil society and the agricultural and climate change scientific community.


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