Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2009
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Agriculture and Rural Development Day is hosted by
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Global Donor Platform for Rural Development  Donor Platform logo
University of Copenhagen (KU)  KU logo
With the support of
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The European Union  European Union logo
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)  IFAD logo
Organised by
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Exhibitions & events


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Voices of Agriculture and Forest Day’s participants

Ideas Marketplace

The ideas marketplace showcases lessons learned, innovative ways of working and new approaches.
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Exhibition Booths

Exhibition booths display products, services and achievements to a wide-ranging audience from agricultural scientists and decision makers to industry leaders.

Side Event 14 Dec

The event brought outputs from Agriculture and Rural Development Day and Forest Day to the negotiating table at the UNFCCC climate change talks.

Ideas Marketplace

  • Session 1: 14.30 – 15.00

  • Session 2: 15.15 – 15.45

  •  Bayer CropScience presentation Download PDF (2.3MB)

    As part of Bayer’s climate program, BCS is contributing solutions, relating to GHG mitigation and adaptation to climate change in agriculture in support of its customers — the farmers. These solutions are key to food security and rural development in developing and developed countries.

    BCS’s contributions are threefold:

    1. R&D developments: BCS’s key competency lies in developing innovative agricultural technologies, two of which are currently in the pipeline: a) stress-tolerant plant varieties that help plants adapt to short term abiotic stresses, like drought or salinity, b) nitrogen use-efficient varieties, which will help mitigate the GHG: nitrous oxide (N2O).
    2. Current technology solutions: Overall healthier and more resilient plants varieties adapt better to changing weather pattern. Chemical stress shield technologies not only protect plant health, they also make plants more resilient to abiotic stresses. BCS’s hybrid sorghum seeds are used by smallholder farmers in drought prone areas in India to better withstand dryer periods and better ensure farmers’ livelihood.
    3. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP): Promoting GAP is an integral part of the services provided by BCS to its customers. Integrated land management approaches such as conservation tillage are important regarding CO2 mitigation and sequestration. Through conservation tillage fossil fuel savings reach up to 50% and reduce CO2 emissions accordingly. Organic material in the soil is increased, hence more CO2 is sequestered. Conservation tillage is often facilitated through the use of post-emergence herbicides and herbicide-tolerant plant varieties, technologies provided by BCS.

The ideas marketplace session is scheduled for the afternoon. It poses an informal opportunity for delegates of partner organisations to share experiences with colleagues in 30 minute sessions – up to 10 minutes presentation to allow at least 20 minutes discussion.

Presentations will take place at the marketstalls. Presenters may use posters if they want. PowerPoints are not envisaged.

NB: The success of the ideas marketplace hinges on informal exchange to contribute to networking and learning. The presentations will not formally feed into the outcome of the day’s proceedings.

Registration for the ideas marketplace has been closed. The steering committee considered all expressions of interest and drew up a selected list of marketplace presenters.

Hardcopy overviews about the presentations will be available during the day and the presentations themselves posted here on the website.

Exhibition Booths

Agriculture Day provides a great opportunity for organisations to display information about their activities in relation to the event’s focus.

The exhibition is located in the Marble Hall where coffee and lunch is served. Follows a current list of exhibitors and their themes.

  • Compassion in World Farming
  • Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CCAFS, IWMI, etc.)
  • Euro-Brazilian Sustainable Development Council (EUBRA)
  • EU INTERREG-NSR project consortium: Biochar Climate saving soils
    Product Board Arable Products and InnovationNetwork of Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
  • Farming First Coalition
  • Global Donor Platform for Rural Development
  • International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP)
  • International Fertilizer Industry Association
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
  • Rede de Inovação e Prospecção Tecnológica Para o Agronegócio (RIPA)

Side Event 14 Dec

Beyond Copenhagen:
Agriculture and Forestry are Part of the Solution.

How can forestry and agriculture help to mitigate climate change and feed 9 billion people by 2050?

The outcomes of the side event are laid down in the Joint Statement (PDF) of the organizers of the side event.

More on the side event at – Events.

Statement of Outcomes (70KB PDF)
IISD summary of the event (235KB PDF)
Media advisory: English | French | Spanish | Danish (50KB each PDF)
Biographies of the speakers (0.3MB PDF)
Background material: Key Points for Discussion (1.6MB PDF)
Comprehensive Event Guide (5.4MB PDF)

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