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Landscape Approaches – Link with Forest Day 5

Forest Day is an annual event taking place on the sidelines of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties. Now, moving into its fifth year, Forest Day 5, to be held in Durban, South Africa on 4 December 2011, will seek to inform the UNFCCC global agenda and forest stakeholders on ways to implement an international REDD+ funding mechanism that produces social and environmental benefits, above and beyond avoided emissions.

Forest Day and ARDD organisers have coordinated planning to identify synergies between the two events through collaboration. This year there will be two Learning Event sessions at ARDD 2011 and two Discussion Forums at Forest Day 5 broadly titled Landscape Approaches with similar themed sessions.

If you are interested in agriculture, forests and climate change, these are the sessions you should not miss.

At Agriculture and Rural Development Day (Saturday 3 December 2011) join these Learning Events:

At Forest Day (Sunday 4 December 2011) join the Landscape Approaches events:

 Forest Day and ARD Day logos for 2011

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