Climate of Cooperation

The November issue of CGIAR eNews, released on the eve of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in CancĂșn, Mexico, samples a wide variety of collaborative research addressing the closely intertwined challenges of climate change, agriculture and food security.

A theme essay takes stock of current knowledge about the impacts of climate change on farming and food systems. It also describes various approaches for managing climate variability and risk now and over the long term. In addition, it assesses changes in farming practices that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions without compromising farmers’ food security and livelihoods.

The essay is based on a comprehensive review prepared recently by the Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), a joint initiative of the CGIAR and Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP). Intended to help chart the way forward for research and policy action, the review was presented at the Global Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change, held at The Hague, The Netherlands, in early November.

The theme essay is accompanied by an interview with CCAFS scientist Pramod Aggarwal about climate change impacts in South Asia. This is followed by a series of articles on research under way at various CGIAR Centers, covering topics such as new approaches for carbon accounting in rural landscapes, the development of drought-tolerant crops and the use of diverse forms of water storage to cope with increasingly erratic weather.