Biogas brings farmers multiple benefits, fights climate change too

by Sun Yinhong

Access to energy is key to eradicating poverty and ensuring food security. Rural communities need energy for a variety of purposes including cooking, lighting, heating, and powering farm and other production tools and equipment. For these communities, biogas from human and animal waste offers a low-cost energy solution and eases the burden on women who spend long and hard hard hours collecting firewood. And there are added benefits: biogas stoves produce fewer harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and by providing an alternative to timber, also reduces pressure on forests and reduces associated emissions from deforestation.

In China’s Guangxi provice, IFAD is working with rural communities to install biogas converters, resulting in improved living conditions, fewer greenhouse emissions, and also more time for farmers to improve their crops.

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Sun Yinhong is the IFAD country program officer based in Beijing, China. IFAD is co-organising Agriculture, Landscapes and Livelihoods Day.