Climate funds for farmers just one piece of the puzzle

by Rachel Friedman

Funding is always a prominent topic of discussion, and often a sensitive issue at such international gatherings as the UNFCCC COP18. Commitments made by member countries usually have some financial strings attached, and the question is largely ‘who will pay, how much, and for what?’ At Agriculture, Landscapes, and Livelihoods Day (ALL) the issue surfaced continuously over the course of the day – more money for technology transfer; more for neglected areas of research (climate impacts on pollination, pests, and disease); more for farmers. To manage overlapping objectives related to food security and nutrition, development, environment, and climate, there was undeniable agreement that increased and more efficient funding is necessary.

One Roundtable session at ALL Day honed in specifically on questions related to finance opportunities for smallholder farmers. This panel of private, government, and civil society experts attempted to cover all the bases, while still pulling from concrete case studies. The challenges identified by the panelists were telling about the key criteria for more integrated finance mechanisms.

In some African cases, the value of carbon payments to farmers is low, so the other benefits – for food security, and for adopting new tools and approaches that enhance resilience – must be significant.

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Rachel Friedman is a Program Associate with EcoAgriculture Partners. She reported live from Agriculture, Landscapes and Livelihoods Day on 3 December in Doha, Qatar.