Agriculture at the Heart of Climate Change – Book Launch

With ARDD 2011 as a backdrop, CTA announces the launch of a new booklet on climate- smart agriculture. Entitled ‘Farming’s climate-smart future’, this is the first in the new Policy Pointers series by CTA.

Agriculture is both a cause of climate change and a significant victim. Farmers in the developing world are already suffering from the impact of climate change. This booklet argues that they could – and should – be part of the solution.

The booklet describes a range of climate-smart practices which could increase food production, help farmers to become more resilient to climate change and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. How widespread these practices become will depend on the importance given to agriculture in international and national policymaking.

The booklet makes a strong argument for placing agriculture at the heart of climate-change negotiations. It also provides evidence which suggests that mechanisms to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+) will only succeed if they take full account of agriculture and food security.

This publication is a joint initiative between CTA and CCAFS.

Download your copy via the link below.