The importance of ARD Day 2010 – CTA’s Perspective

Developing nations are hardest hit by climate change. A recent FAO statistic states that if the climate change trend continues at its current pace, two thirds of Africa’s arable land could be destroyed by 2025. With the focus on climate change, the Agriculture and Rural Development Day 2010 offers a unique networking platform and learning opportunity. From the experiences and know-how presented by participants we will be able to extract and share essential information that will be of importance to the development of sustainable agricultural communities and better management of natural resources in the ACP region. The role of smallholder farming in contributing to food and nutritional security and poverty alleviation in ACP countries has been well recognised. Making this contribution in a manner that safeguards the natural resources for current and future generations is imperative.

To ensure that agriculture’s key role in both climate change adaptation and mitigation is well appreciated, it is essential to engage all stakeholders—farmers‘ organizations, policy makers, researchers, private sector, civil society organizations and media. We believe that ARDD 2010 offers a good opportunity for ACP stakeholders make their voices heard and contribute to the debate on agriculture’s place in a global climate agreement.

CTA’s mission is to advance food and nutritional security, prosperity and sound natural resource management in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) through knowledge sharing, multi-shareholder engagement and capacity building. Ultimately our aim is to empower agricultural and rural institutions and communities in ACP countries to achieve a better future for themselves and future generations.