Climate smart agricultural practices are a critical pathway to climate change adaptation in developing countries. However, Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is usually implemented at the field and farm level, with little efforts at coordination between different scales. EcoAgriculture Partners and the Rainforest Alliance are working to assess climate smart agricultural practices at the landscape level to better understand existing activity and major gaps in CSA implementation.

To what extent can landscape-level assessments help to align disparate actors and finance sources to develop climate smart landscapes? What are the knowledge gaps that must be overcome to populate a landscape-level assessment with the necessary data? What would a climate smart landscape actually look like, and how would it operate in practice? Share your views – join the discussion at the bottom of this page!

Synopsis: Rainforest Alliance and EcoAgriculture πορνο Partners will present a participatory assessment tool developed to help align disparate actors and finance sources to translate climate-smart landscape concepts to reality in rural landscapes around the world. Piloting the tool within the tea-dominated Kericho-Mau landscape in western Kenya demonstrated its utility in assessing current climate-smart activities and identifying gaps and future priorities for action.

Urban-centric economic models, like globalized debt-based, limited liability law enabled capitalism, with it’s inherent specialization of labor, is, systemically, an anamatha to such yielding an outcome that is sustainable. History teaches us that every human society “succeeding” in this “accomplishment” fails. I’ll not argue that what I read above is LessStupid than what’s the norm and has gifted us with anthropogenic climate change and klimakatastrophe, but isn’t it delusional to call being LessStupid “smart”? Remember Forst Gump’s Mama: “Stupid is what stupid does.” How about calling chaturbate it CLSA?

being born at the slopes of mau forest,i have seen its slow death as careless people cut down trees and burn the remainder, as the government watch.i have also experienced the outcome of the above through changes in climate,the drying up and death of the ecosystem of

lake nakuru and lake elementaita respectively.the only solution is to reclaim the forest back ,fence it and deploy serious forest management.